Add to Cart. KRG Kinetic Research Group, X-Ray Chassis, Remington 700 Long Action, Sako Green. CA$719.99. Backorder. KRG Kinetic Research Group, X-Ray Chassis, Remington 700 Short Action, Stealth Grey. CA$649.99. Savage Bolt Friction Washer SAV100293 $4.00 : Savage Bolt Assembly Screw Stainless Steel SAV102522 $10.00 : Savage RH short action bolt body fluted SAV108748 $119.00 : Savage Long Action Front Bolt Baffle Matte Steel SAV103503 $4.00 *LEFT HAND* Savage Arms 30-06, 270, 25-06 Bolt Head SAV103969 $26.00 : Savage > Bolt Assembly Screw Matte Black. Savage Model 10 Aftermarket Stocks.

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